Video Seminars

NonProfits 101
An in depth overview of all the Planning and Management seminars in the Seat of Our Pants Seminar series.

Big 3 of Sustainability
Every nonprofit needs to be focusing their energies on reliable, renewable sources of sustainable funds for the long haul.

Individual Development
How to ask Individuals for money. It starts with FriendRaising - anyone can do it!

Corporate Development
How to ask Corporations for money. You have to know their rules before you can be effective.

Strategic GrantSeeking
A Strategic Approach to GrantSeeking means your efforts are planned in advance, not haphazard hit or miss.

Board Development
No "Bored" Boards, here. Learn what makes up an effective Board of Directors, and how to get things right.

Nonprofit Business Model
Profit is NOT a four-letter word! Learn what effective agencies already know about running a nonprofit as a business.

Event Planning
How to build your Event to address a Totally Targeted Audience.

Free Press
How to Get Free Publicity for Your Nonprofit Agency.

Terrible Twos
Troubleshooting a broken Agency - 15 Case Studies on how to get Sustainability wrong, and what to do about it.

Volunteer Vitals
How to attract, train and hold onto one of your most important Assets.